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    SAC '99

    1999 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing
    February 28-March 2, 1999
    The Menger, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

    SAC 1999 Statistics

    The 1999 Symposium on Applied Computing is now finished. Details of this year's event can be found from here.

    The technical programme for SAC'99 included the presentation of 105 papers in 18 specialist tracks: see the schedule for more details, as well as the messages from the conference chair and the programme chair (For reference, the original call for papers is still available.)

    Four tutorials were presented, on Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Applications (Patrick Wang,Northeastern University, MIT Consultant and Harvard U.), Using a Functional Language for Industrial Applications ( Torbjorn Keisu, Sweden), Analysis and Verification of Real-Time Software and Systems (Albert M. K. Cheng, University of Houston-University Park) and An Introduction to Genetic Programming (Thomas D. Haynes, Wichita State University). See the message from the tutorial chair.

    SAC '99 was sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Groups SIGAda SIGAPP SIGBIO and SIGCUE.

    SAC '99 Conference Officials

    Symposium Chair Barrett R. Bryant,
    University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Symposium Vice Chair Gary B. Lamont,
    Air Force Institute of Technology
    Symposium Director Jan Carroll,
    Sam Houston State University
    Programme Chair Hisham (Al) Haddad,
    Marshall University
    Treasurer/Registrar Dave Oppenheim,
    DKO Consulting
    Local Contact Chair Aaron Konstam,
    Trinity University
    Publicity Chair Aric B. Lambert,
    Mississippi State University
    Webmaster Robert Inder,
    NEDO/ETL Tsukuba
    Tutorial Chair Richard Sincovec,
    University of Texas, San Antonio